Cuisine of the Mighty

Cuisine of the Mighty

One of the most effective ways of getting to know a country is by immersing yourself into their cuisine. Singaporean food is a wonderful combination of Malaysian, Western and Indonesian traditions. There are a great many influences on the dishes, creating a fascinating array of taste sensations. This list is a compilation of five of the most popular dishes, but it is by no means exhaustive.

The first of these is the well-known Char Kway Teow. It is made up of flat rice noodles, cockles, Chinese sausage and many other ingredients. Although it is high in fat, it is also delicious and an ideal dish to savour on special occasions or to ease stress.

Stingray might not be to everyone's taste but is a common favourite in Singapore. Sambal stingray is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. This is really one for those with a more complex palate, but certainly worth a try.

Along this seafood theme is the oyster omelette. This is also one for a treat due to the high fat content, but new restaurants are making low fat versions to allow you to enjoy it guilt-free.

For those looking for a healthy diet Yong tau foo is very popular. Based around fresh vegetables it comes in many different variations for diverse tastes. You can choose anything from tofu to crab sticks in this dish.

Finally, on a sweet note you can't forget Kaya toast. This is a toast sandwich smothered in coconut custard jam. It is often enjoyed as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

There are numerous other dishes just waiting to be tried and tested. Don't assume that the best flavours will be the most expensive. Many people find that delicious food can come at any price in Singapore. As there are so many influences on Singapore cuisine there are naturally many dishes to try, so if you are looking for somewhere to start then try the above.

Future of Block 71

Future of Block 71

Block 71 is a prime example of the future of Singapore in this new media world. This formally abandoned building is set to become the headquarters of 80 companies based in the technology industry. Passers-by will notice the vibrant renovations that it has undergone, such as the colourful stripes painted down the walls.

The building, situated in the Ayer Rajah industrial estate, was bought by the Media Development Authority (MDA) before it was torn down by its previous owners. It is now known as the Mediapolis Phase Zero and it is estimated that the total cost of the rejuvenation of the building will total SGD 60 million or $49 million.

The finished project is set to be ideal for startup companies who are key to the technology/media industry. The low rent costs, generous facilities and free NUS schemes make it a hive of inspiration for many companies.

Today, startup companies have such severe financial difficulties that no matter what their entrepreneurial style or talent may be, they are destined to failure. Block 71 offers a solution to this problem, allowing startup companies the option to hotdesk for free for a few months. This gives them the financial boost that they need to ensure success. They currently offer around 40 NUS spaces of this variety.

Although many are unsure about the future of the building and whether it will survive or expand to the neighbouring buildings, it is certainly an inspiration and support system to all startups, small and medium enterprises.

8 Trekkers Rescued

8 Trekkers Rescued

After being lost for over 19hours eight Singapore trekkers were rescued by a local search party. The trekkers were exploring a forest reserve nearby Kota Tinggi waterfall when they realised they had lost their way. Due to low reception levels they could not use their phones to call for help. The young trekkers are all between 20-30 years and named, Tay Wei Xin, Law Teck Chuan, Lim Pong Hui, Wong Thiam Siang, Seow Pei Wen, Xiao Yulin, Sng Ping Qiu and Sng Yu Xin.

After hours of trying to find reception they finally got through to the taxi driver who had dropped them off at the reserve that morning. He then called the police who arranged for a search party to find them. The party consisted of 25 people from the Police and Fire department and volunteers from the local village. When darkness fell they were forced to postpone the search, but immediately resumed it when there was enough light. All eight trekkers were found in the morning when the search was resumed. Despite being lost for over 19hours in unfamiliar territory no-one was hurt and everyone's spirits were still high. After they had been checked in the local hospital the group was given helpful advise regarding how to stay safe when trekking and how to ensure that you don't lose your way. The leader and teacher of the group was not discouraged from exploring the area again.

For travellers considering trekking around this area here are some helpful guidelines:

Ensure that you are fully equipped for the journey and have a map of the area and emergency contact details. Stay on the trail and take care on slippery rocks and near the falls if there has been heavy rain recently. It is advisable to travel with an experienced guide to make your journey more pleasurable.