Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Singapore is a glorious mix of different cultures, traditions and festivals and everyone there enjoys joining in the various celebrations throughout the year. Deepavali is a Hindu festival in October, but in Singapore it is called the Festival of Lights.

It is held in Serangoon Road, where many of the Indian community reside and is a beautiful demonstration of good conquering evil. Expect to see many oil lamps, candles and lanterns adorning the streets. Bright colours are embraced as the streets are decorated in a vibrant and inspirational style.

There is a real sense of sharing and community during this festival. People will be offering henna tattoos, sharing foods and dancing to lively Bollywood music. This festival is celebrated across the world, but Singapore truly embraces it. As you walk along the streets of Little India you will see numerous customs, traditions and activities that you can join in with. There will be items for sale, craft exhibitions and even some workshops.

Although it is possible to sit in a nearby coffee shop and try to observe the festival from afar, you will quickly find yourself swept up in the event and dancing and singing with everyone else.

This is just one of the many cultural festivals that Singapore embraces. There are many others held throughout the year, celebrating different religions and cultures. People often choose to visit during this time of year as it offers a much more immersive experience and allows them to become integrated into the community.