Social Media and the Webinar

Social Media and the Webinar

A live video online broadcast will be held on:

Date: 27 June 2013

Time: 8pm – 9pm


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Social media is like a Swiss-army knife in many respects, it has multiple uses for a range of different tasks, but only if you use it correctly. For the tech-savvy out there, social media can play an important role in finding jobs and engaging with employers, cutting out the middle man. Particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, where jobs are posted daily.

However, it correlates that with a bigger online audience comes greater competition. So to get the job you really want, that means you have to stand out from your peers, right? This is where the NTUC-PME webinar approach can help you get ahead of the game, as part of their ‘Workplace Expert Series'.

A range of speakers and industry professionals will talk directly with the online community who can ask them all the most pressing questions surrounding work and employment today. Social media will be particularly significant in the opening session with a high-flier of the tech industry, Jessica Tan of Microsoft Singapore, on the 27th of June 2013 so be sure to tune in.

Singapore itself is a thriving and dynamic economy which has proven its ability to adapt to tough economic times recently. But helping young people onto the ladder is a question that many societies are facing across the world right now with greater urgency, and Singapore is no exception.

Singapore, which has historically been one of the stronger economies in the region, has an estimated 57,800 citizens, including 50,000 Singaporean nationals, who are out of work as of March 2013.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, particularly when enterprises like the “Workplace Expert Series” are spreading awareness and trying to create a community of learning. This is why you need to tune in! Because sometimes the best approach is to listen to people who have been successful in their respective industry, and who have shown the determination and creative acumen to achieve something exceptional. Their advice and words can be invaluable, and can also spread hope, because if they can do it then so can you.

To get the ball rolling we want to know this. What have your experiences of social media and finding work been like? Has it been a help or a hindrance do you think? Positive or negative?

Please feel free to express your opinions in the comments and follow for more details.