Yummy Pancakes In Singapore

Yummy Pancakes In Singapore

Yeah! Are you searching for the yummy pancakes outlets, just have a look at us, then we will take you to the right place to have a delicious Pancake. The latest news for the Singapore Pancake lovers is that there is an opening of the Pancake outlet in Singapore. Here are the ten places to visit, and to enjoy the delicious Pancakes. A pancake is a thin and round shaped cake, which is prepared with eggs, milk and batter ( a liquid form of mixture with one or more flours,) This Pancake will be served in all timings and in all climates. These cakes are served with a variety of toppings like chocolate flavor, fruits, meat and fruits also. Here are the ten places where you can get luscious cakes.

Kyushu Pancake (in photo)

The Kyushu Pancake outlet was recently opened in Singapore in the month of May. This Japanese chain has outlets in Tokyo, Taipei and now in Singapore. The first outlet for Pancakes in Southeast Asia is Thomson Road. The Pancake is unique in its taste, and it is with the ingredients mixed in it. Kyushu Pancakes are prepared with all fresh raw material and without using emulsifier. This is good for health and even young children can also consume this. This Pancake uses buttermilk flavor where children like this very much. The Kyushu Pancake received national award and also Agricultural & Aquacultural division award. It is always better to have a cake which is rich in its ingredients and safe because of exclusion of pesticides free ingredients.

Specialized Pancakes:

The Pancakes outlet which is situated in the Prinsep street is well known for its delicious cakes with meat stuffings. This outlet provides the cakes with beef, garlic prawns and chicken chunks. Those who like to have a delicious cake with meat stuffings, start to Prinsep street and enjoy the cake.

Kitchener Road Pancakes Outlet

This bakery is originated from Malaysia. This bakery has different varieties nearly 100 crepes and cakes which are famous throughout the world are available at this outlet. The prices range from $11 to $20. The toppings and ingredients used in these cakes are blue berries and cheese.

Paddy Hills

This bakery is located in South Buona, this outlet is famous to prepare the cakes with soft and crispy and ingredients in this are ricotta and cheese. These cakes are available from $19 onwards.

Slappy Cakes

People who live on the Grandstand club road and Sentosa Gateway can enjoy the delicious slappy cakes. These cakes are prepared with different types of batter, buttermilk, peanut butter and so on. The toppings are in sweet and juicy, one can order according to their taste.

Atlas Coffeehouse

People who like to have a pancake with cheese and ricotta. Then visit Atlas cake to have a delicious pancake. This café is well known for its banana and butterscotch with honeycomb topping cakes.

Clinton Street Banking Co.

New York based, bakery which had opened its branch in Singapore, last year is famous for pancakes. The cakes prepared to have three varieties of toppings like banana walnut, chocolate flavor and blueberries. Those who prefer to have these toppings can visit this bakery and enjoy the Pancakes.

Dean & Deluca

American Pancakes, in Singapore? Wow! Fantastic, those who are fond of pancakes with maple syrup and cream can visit this bakery and enjoy the American Style in Singapore. How great to hear?

Dutch Baby Café

This café is located on Paragon Orchard Road, The pancakes available in this cafe are to be taken quickly before they cool. These are available from 16$ to 17$, which are featured along with a drink.

Food for Thought

The cakes available in this café are priced from $14 per piece. The customers have a chance to choose the toppings which are of different tastes.

Hoshino Coffee Singapore

Hoshino Coffee has many outlets in Singapore . Those who prefer the pancake with ice cream toppings can visit this coffee outlet and can enjoy the pancake. The prices of the cakes range from 10$ to $12.

Enjoy the different Pancakes of different countries in Singapore with reasonable prices. Start to have a delicious Pancake.