Finest singers in Singapore

Finest singers in Singapore

The battle for the finest singers in Singapore for China TV show, featuring Olinda Cho and Ng Chee Yang.

Competition is the order of the day when it comes to selections in TV shows. The heights of competition are high and very unpredictable as new talent steps into the bloc each and every day. It is therefore the reason former crown bearer of idol in Singapore and a fellow young man who is a former superstar for campus are in the list of personalities comprised of 12 singers are battling out to ensure a spot in a glamorous China TV Show.

The duo will be given a chance to showcase the talent in singing as a routine procedure for selection to travel to China for the china super vocal. The show is moderated by experience judges in the music industry amongst other icon singers. The show is showcasing to improve its branding following a legal settling from its former Dutch owner, which was normally referred by another name.

The show brings pride to the singer's audience while giving them the nationalism and patriotism of bringing out the best talent from one of the smallest nations. The desire to showcase their talent is building on the audience confidence of the value of their precious resources being time and money. It does not come easy as the music idols such as Olinda Cho has to receive instructions and critiques during the newly started vocal lessons to bring out the best in her.

Olinda Cho is confident ahead of the show, stating that communication barrier is a non-issue in the meantime. She can communicate fluently in mandarin. The singer has stated that she will be performing a song by Wu Bai's Wanderer's Love song.

Na Ying, a Chinese singer and a judge in the China TV show is the hopeful mentor for Ng Chee Yang, hopefully if he makes it to the stage. Nurturing, supportiveness and critical abilities of the judge is what Na Ying believes he will gain from his mentor. The singer who is 26 years of age, won the campus superstar crown back in 2006 declined to reveal the song he has chosen.

The New York based artiste who wants to develop his singing career in the USA has been camping in Singapore for two fortnights ago for some singing projects before making the crucial decision of participating in the events vocal auditions. Na Ying is set to tour the United States with an American based acapella group known as the vocalosity in the coming years.

Veteran Taiwanese singers and rockers are some of the celebrity mentors that will pick the best showcased singing competence and prowess for further mentorship into the singing career.

In a previous show, a couple was among the contestants in the china based show but unfortunately mentors did not pick them. Over 2,000 concert tickets have already been given out for the event taking place at a major hotel in Singapore, where the 12 singers will battle it out.

Music producer and song writer Billy, Paul L. who is a singer as well a song writer and Mr. D. Lee are some of the personalities in the industry that are also judging in the show. The proprietor of Eeva productions, the company responsible for organizing and facilitation of the auditions, a renowned radio disc jockey Mr. E. Hsiang is also an outstanding judge in the show.

At the age of 52, Mr. Billy Koh who lives in china states that he is participating in the event for an update of the scenes of the music industry that is currently being controlled by the young generation of youths and young adults making up the population of Singapore. A personality with a human touch has an added advantage for gaining more credit from Mr. Paul Lee who is aged 47, whose argument raises the expectation bar of the contestant to a whole new level.