Navigating Singapore Your Pathway to Exploration

Public Transport: The Speedy Trail to Adventure

Embark on an effortless journey through Singapore via the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and bus systems. These comprehensive networks pave the way for seamless travel across the city, conveniently connecting you to the most sought-after attractions. Each station is just a stone's throw away from popular destinations, making our trains an ideal mode of transportation. Our bus routes not only offer practicality but also scenic routes, treating you to lush green vistas and stunning architectural marvels. Wheelchair accessibility and open stroller policies are in place, ensuring inclusivity for all travelers. Should you require assistance, our amiable bus captains are always ready to assist. Keep in mind that in crowded situations, strollers may need to be folded for space. Refer to SBS Transit, SMRT, Go-Ahead Singapore, and Tower Transit Singapore websites for detailed information and guidelines.

Taxi or Ride-Hailing Apps: Cruising Comfortably

For destinations beyond the reach of buses or MRT, taxis are a comfortable and convenient option. Metered fares apply, but surcharges may vary based on factors like time, location, and taxi company. Before embarking, seek information from your driver regarding surcharges and request a receipt at the trip's conclusion. Various ride-hailing apps, including Grab, Gojek, Ryde, and TADA, offer additional options for hassle-free rides. Hail a taxi curbside or locate a taxi stand, typically available at malls, hotels, and attractions. Alternatively, book a ride using your preferred ride-hailing app for a smooth journey.

Bicycle: Pedal Through Paradise

Explore Singapore's sunny landscapes and lush greenery by cycling around the island. Our well-connected network of cycling paths welcomes biking enthusiasts, allowing you to soak up the sun while traversing the city's green spaces. Rent shared bicycles from licensed operators and, if you have a foldable bike, check its size compatibility on trains and buses. Guidelines for cycling in Singapore can be found here for a worry-free biking experience.

Singapore Visitor Centre: Your Gateway to Guidance

Should you need assistance or wish to gather information, visit one of our seven Singapore Visitor Centres. These centers offer a plethora of services and valuable insights, aiding in itinerary planning, providing recommendations for must-see attractions, facilitating ticket purchases, arranging accommodation, and even offering a selection of souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

Navigating Singapore: The Swift and Seamless Way

Discover Singapore effortlessly with our swift and efficient public transport system. Glide to captivating attractions hassle-free, ensuring every moment of your journey is filled with exploration and delight.

Singapore travellers inspired to travel to movie or TV show destinations

Whether it's gig tripping or a visit to dreamland, global travel site Skyscanner shares the latest trends shaping industry and traveller behaviour in its 'Travel Trends: Redefining value through experience in 2024' report.

Blending proprietary flights and hotels data based on millions of searches with an annual consumer behaviour study, Skyscanner reveals 2024's hottest travel vibes and types, as well as the top 10 trending destinations and best-value destinations.

Insights reveal Singapore travellers to be greatly inspired by film and entertainment, with more than 8 out of 10 choosing destinations based on a movie or TV show. Additionally, close to half (41%) of the respondents rate the overall 'vibe' of a destination as important, when choosing where to go in 2024.

Among four key travel vibes, set-jetting topped the charts in Singapore with travellers wanting to slot themselves into their favourite show locations, embodying Main Character Energy.

Since 2001 when the Korean Wave hit Singapore till today, K-drama continues to hold a special place in Singapore travellers' hearts. Claiming top spot in the destination list that Singaporeans are inspired to visit in 2024 is Jeju, South Korea, as depicted in a South Korean TV series, Our Blues. This is followed by Christchurch, New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed, and Paris, France as seen in Emily in Paris!

Aside from Main Character Energy, the value on experiences is powering several other trends and travel vibes for 2024:

Gig tripping – 60% of Singapore travellers would fly to catch their favourite artist live in another country, with 46% willing to fly short haul and 14% saying they'd fly long haul. In fact, 28% of Singapore travellers plan to attend a gig or music concert abroad in 2024.

Budget bougie foodies – Eating and trying local authentic cuisine is the most popular activity for 54% of Singapore travellers. In fact, 30% of respondents have booked a destination purely to visit a specific restaurant. Osaka, nicknamed 'the kitchen of Japan', tops Skyscanner's global list for foodies on a budget in 2024, and is the top trending destination amongst Singapore travellers.

Destination Zzzz – Sleeping ranks high on the Singaporean travellers' main activities for their next holiday (23%), ranking above water sports (22%), wildlife spotting (19%) and snow sports (18%). This trend is likely to continue as 39% of Singapore travellers attest to enjoying better sleep on a holiday, likely due to the therapeutic escape a vacation offers.

What's more, with the thirst for experiences driving changes in the lifestyles of consumers today, Skyscanner sees these traveller types emerging in 2024:

Analogue adventurers – In an age of always-on and constant hype, Gen Zs are tending back towards old-school analogue adventures that ditch the digital device in favour of how it used to be done. In fact, one in five (19%) Singapore travellers aged 18 to 24-years-old now bring a Polaroid camera with them on holiday.

Celebration vacationers – Singapore travellers are increasingly looking to celebrate big milestones in style. Two in three (64%) travellers have taken a group trip to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. However, the issue of cost often throws a spanner in the works – one in two (48%) said that agreeing on expected costs of the trip is their primary hurdle when planning group trips, followed by knowing how or where to communicate with their group (43%). Skyscanner therefore asked WhatsApp for their top tips to turn those group chat dreams into a group trip reality (in report).

Luxe-for-less seekers – To kick off their trip in style, 23% of Singapore travellers plan to upgrade their flight to business or first class in 2024, while 25% plan to purchase airport lounge access. However, five-star luxury doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Skyscanner shares some of the best-value five-star stays around the world in the full report.

Singapore's Top Trending and Best Value Destinations

In the 2024 report, Singaporeans love for Japan continues to blossom with the top two trending cities being foodie haven Osaka and the beautifully serene Fukuoka, while bustling Taipei rounds out the list of top trending destinations in third place. On the other hand, Indonesia came out top overall, securing the highest three spots for the Best Value Destinations category with Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Praya (full overview in appendix).

While Skyscanner sees 2024 as the year of redefining value through experience in travel, results find that Singaporeans grapple with the challenge of switching off while on vacation. Despite 89% of respondents acknowledging the importance of disconnecting during a trip, 34% report checking their work emails, with 23% even admitting they are searching for a new job while overseas.

Cyndi Hui, Skyscanner Travel Trends and Destination Expert shares:

"Singaporeans have shown themselves to be inspired travellers, driven by a strong desire to go where their imagination takes them. That said, we also see that the demands of modern life too often prevent us from committing ourselves to the present.

"In 2024, we hope to help Singaporeans prioritise themselves, and that includes fully embracing the many opportunities and experiences that come with travelling. Skyscanner, with its suite of traveller-first tools, provides fuss-free travel planning, allowing you to live in the moment, free of distractions."

With tools such as 'Everywhere' search, Whole Month View and Price Alerts (in appendix), Singapore travellers can plan better and smarter for more unforgettable adventures.

Check out the full 'Travel Trends: Redefining value through experience in 2024' report here.

Senoko Energy Launches SolarShare

Senoko Energy today, announced the launch of SolarShare 2.0 – the first commercially available peer-to-peer grid scale trading platform for solar energy in the country. Following the successful launch of the pilot project back in 2020, SolarShare 2.0 is set to revolutionise the energy landscape by enabling businesses and households in Singapore to be powered, at scale, with renewable energy. In line with the government's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SolarShare 2.0 seeks to enable businesses and households to enjoy sustainable green energy 24/7 in time to come, when green energy imports and battery storage become available. With this innovative peer-to-peer trading platform, businesses and households will be able to buy and sell their own solar energy at their preferred price, making it more accessible and affordable. Senoko customers will be able to buy energy matched to specific solar generators, or from a community pool of excess solar energy. Another key feature of SolarShare 2.0 is that it allows businesses and households to track the source, time, and price of solar energy over the grid as well as measure and trace their energy consumption every half hourly. This transparency enables businesses and households to monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Mr. Eric Maka, President & CEO of Senoko Energy, said: "SolarShare 2.0 is one of our key decarbonisation initiatives, along with our recent partnership with City Energy to jointly study the technical and commercial feasibility of the import and supply of hydrogen. These initiatives demonstrate Senoko's strong commitment to playing our part to help Singapore achieve its net zero vision.

Mr. James Chong, Senior Vice President, Commercial of Senoko Energy, said: "SolarShare 2.0 has been designed to empower businesses and households on their green energy journey by enabling them to use clean solar energy from fellow Senoko Energy customers. By enabling consumers to measure and trace their carbon footprint, they will not only be able to better understand how they can be more efficient but importantly, be able to take charge of their energy consumption."

Mr. Chong further added, "With this initiative, we are also looking to encourage property owners with rooftop space to install solar panels. By contributing excess energy to the grid that can be shared with the community, Singaporeans can do their part to help strengthen Singapore's energy security."

Mr. Steve Hoy, CEO of Enosi, an Australian energy traceability company, said: "SolarShare 2.0 allows everyone to become an active participant in the green energy revolution. The platform's intuitiveness paves the way for businesses and households to take intelligent decisions, enhance their energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint as well as overall costs. Our customers in Australia are already benefiting from access to solar energy for households, and better returns from rooftop solar investment for businesses. Enosi looks forward to collaborating with Senoko and leveraging our combined knowledge of energy distribution and traceability on the path to a zero-carbon energy future.

SolarShare 2.0 will now be available exclusively to all Senoko Energy's business and household customers from November 1, 2023. Businesses and households utilising the trading platform will be charged a platform subscription fee of as low as S$5.40 (including GST) per month. For more information about SolarShare 2.0 and how to participate, please visit

ASIG Releases AI Capabilities in Orbit App

Asia Innovations Group Limited ("ASIG"), a Singapore-based company with a growing portfolio of popular social mobile apps, has introduced first-of-its-kind AI technology in its new app, Orbit. With a unique text-to-image feature in Orbit's latest update, ASIG has unveiled new, cutting-edge capability to an already innovative app.

Orbit is a social discovery app that uses AI to facilitate making new friends. Helping users along the way is Obi, a GPT-4 powered assistant who breaks the ice by prompting newly connected users with games that help them get to know each other such as Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, and Trivia. Users can also chat directly with Obi, who can play text-based games, role-play as a user's favorite TV or film character, or chat – providing users with a fun mix of options to explore their AI-powered experience.

Additionally, Orbit users can chat with people worldwide via live, 3D avatars. Unlike most social apps, which use images of users' actual appearances, Orbit's 3D avatars allow users to chat freely without worries about their physical appearance, thereby protecting their identity.

Last month, Orbit introduced another groundbreaking new feature. Orbit's latest version allows users to create original AI art from their own words, using new text-to-image technology.. Orbit is the first social discovery app to use such technology, adding another feature that sets it apart in the highly competitive field of mobile social apps.

"Orbit is nothing short of groundbreaking," said ASIG Chairman and CEO Ouyang Yun. "Every feature in this app is designed to bring an exciting, futuristic atmosphere to socializing online. Making friends can feel awkward, tedious, and sometimes even dangerous – especially online. With Orbit, we're using AI to make meeting new friends easy, safe, and fun."

With Orbit, ASIG has added another innovative app to its portfolio, which includes Uplive, the global live video platform, and the top-rated dating apps CuteU and Lamour. Across these platforms, ASIG continues to emerge as a leader in new technology and fostering human connection around the globe.

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) is a leading mobile social company across emerging markets. As of Dec 31st, 2022, ASIG served over 600 million registered users in over 150 regions worldwide. It has built a comprehensive and diverse portfolio to achieve its mission of enriching people's lives worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products that foster meaningful human connection. ASIG operates in eighteen offices around the globe that offer deep local market knowledge across all major emerging markets to augment the company's cutting-edge technology and scalable global infrastructure. ASIG's portfolio includes leading apps such as Uplive, the global live video platform, CuteU and Lamour, the dominant dating apps in global emerging markets, and other fast-growing voice and game-based live social apps.