Yummy Pancakes In Singapore

Yummy Pancakes In Singapore

Yeah! Are you searching for the yummy pancakes outlets, just have a look at us, then we will take you to the right place to have a delicious Pancake. The latest news for the Singapore Pancake lovers is that there is an opening of the Pancake outlet in Singapore. Here are the ten places to visit, and to enjoy the delicious Pancakes. A pancake is a thin and round shaped cake, which is prepared with eggs, milk and batter ( a liquid form of mixture with one or more flours,) This Pancake will be served in all timings and in all climates. These cakes are served with a variety of toppings like chocolate flavor, fruits, meat and fruits also. Here are the ten places where you can get luscious cakes.

Kyushu Pancake (in photo)

The Kyushu Pancake outlet was recently opened in Singapore in the month of May. This Japanese chain has outlets in Tokyo, Taipei and now in Singapore. The first outlet for Pancakes in Southeast Asia is Thomson Road. The Pancake is unique in its taste, and it is with the ingredients mixed in it. Kyushu Pancakes are prepared with all fresh raw material and without using emulsifier. This is good for health and even young children can also consume this. This Pancake uses buttermilk flavor where children like this very much. The Kyushu Pancake received national award and also Agricultural & Aquacultural division award. It is always better to have a cake which is rich in its ingredients and safe because of exclusion of pesticides free ingredients.

Specialized Pancakes:

The Pancakes outlet which is situated in the Prinsep street is well known for its delicious cakes with meat stuffings. This outlet provides the cakes with beef, garlic prawns and chicken chunks. Those who like to have a delicious cake with meat stuffings, start to Prinsep street and enjoy the cake.

Kitchener Road Pancakes Outlet

This bakery is originated from Malaysia. This bakery has different varieties nearly 100 crepes and cakes which are famous throughout the world are available at this outlet. The prices range from $11 to $20. The toppings and ingredients used in these cakes are blue berries and cheese.

Paddy Hills

This bakery is located in South Buona, this outlet is famous to prepare the cakes with soft and crispy and ingredients in this are ricotta and cheese. These cakes are available from $19 onwards.

Slappy Cakes

People who live on the Grandstand club road and Sentosa Gateway can enjoy the delicious slappy cakes. These cakes are prepared with different types of batter, buttermilk, peanut butter and so on. The toppings are in sweet and juicy, one can order according to their taste.

Atlas Coffeehouse

People who like to have a pancake with cheese and ricotta. Then visit Atlas cake to have a delicious pancake. This café is well known for its banana and butterscotch with honeycomb topping cakes.

Clinton Street Banking Co.

New York based, bakery which had opened its branch in Singapore, last year is famous for pancakes. The cakes prepared to have three varieties of toppings like banana walnut, chocolate flavor and blueberries. Those who prefer to have these toppings can visit this bakery and enjoy the Pancakes.

Dean & Deluca

American Pancakes, in Singapore? Wow! Fantastic, those who are fond of pancakes with maple syrup and cream can visit this bakery and enjoy the American Style in Singapore. How great to hear?

Dutch Baby Café

This café is located on Paragon Orchard Road, The pancakes available in this cafe are to be taken quickly before they cool. These are available from 16$ to 17$, which are featured along with a drink.

Food for Thought

The cakes available in this café are priced from $14 per piece. The customers have a chance to choose the toppings which are of different tastes.

Hoshino Coffee Singapore

Hoshino Coffee has many outlets in Singapore . Those who prefer the pancake with ice cream toppings can visit this coffee outlet and can enjoy the pancake. The prices of the cakes range from 10$ to $12.

Enjoy the different Pancakes of different countries in Singapore with reasonable prices. Start to have a delicious Pancake. 

Online alert to help autistic boy

Online alert to help autistic boy

Neighborhood Police (NPC) Centre for Sengkang is utilizing social media for community reach out. The team at Sengkang created memes as well as videos that garnered over 16,000 likes for the Facebook page, highest of all 35 NPCs in whole of Singapore. The online effort for outreach enabled NPC to solve unheard cases. An example is a neighborhood “bully” roaming Sengkang. NPC officers for Sengkang first received one private message on its page on Facebook detailing one teenage boy cycling around recklessly and harassing pedestrians. The truth was beyond expectation as the boy had been autistic and the family is in dire financial status. NPC officers assisted by linking the family with Social Development Ministry and Mental Health Institute as well as Family Centre located in Sengkang.

The boy's condition improved thereafter, and complaints were nonexistent. Inspector Kevin, deputy person in charge for the Policing Unit (CPU) had been actively monitoring social media information and conducting roadshows and talks at school assembly. NPC is constantly on alert to contain situation from spiraling out of control, referring specifically on the incident involving the autistic boy. The team reached out for the residents for more details and managed to find out the boy's special needs. The team worked tirelessly to seek information from the father by explaining the whole situation and feedback on the son, and managed to convince the father to open up about the son's autism conditions which may cause the son to act violently. It is then that they found out the family also needed financial assistance. The team coordinated efforts to raise fund from financial aids and medical subsidies. They helped the mother secure a job as well. 6 officers from CPU received PS21 Star Award for Team Service during the Public Service Excellence Awards Ceremony. Officers were happy to see improvement on the boy and the family. CPU always looks out for solutions for long term.

Facebook page posting feed for suspect's images has contributed the nailing of offenders. Some surrendered voluntarily while many came to offer vital information on the suspect's whereabouts. NPC attributed the victories as being active around social media platforms. A total of six strong members are responsible for monitoring Facebook page posting every day. Memes as well as creative videos are created to attract higher amount of viewers. The Facebook profile page has come a long way since being set up on December 2012, with only 2,000 likes. The five times increase in likes can be attributed to the CPU team's effort to create entertaining yet insightful materials. The contents are all modern and resonate with current pop-culture. The page is constantly updated once in few days. Unique materials are posted for every updates.

More people, especially Sengkang residents have been approaching CPU to divulge information due to the page on Facebook. There was a particular case where a man insulted a women, and a civic minded resident provided information to NPC when the rude man's photos was published on Facebook. The suspect knew his picture was exposed online, hence decided to give in voluntarily after two days. Stern warning was provided to the man. Another case involved illegal usage of stranger's ATM card to withdraw money. The illegal act was committed by a woman. CCTV footage revealed an accomplice, which is also another woman during the taking place of the crime. The culprits surrendered almost immediately after catching wind that their photos were published on NPC's Facebook profile page. Another case was a theft occurring at a grocery shop where a thief stole groceries from the store. Similar to the previous cases, the suspect's photos were uploaded to the Facebook profile page, with the source being taken from CCTV footage. The neighbours of the thief reported on the thief's whereabouts and the culprit was arrested after only 2 days.

Online media is the new information center and the Police Force for Singapore (SPF) adapted to the modern approach. Social media has been utilized since 2009 to engage with the public. Alll 35 NPCs have maintained their own page on Facebook. It has been a richly rewarding solution from the public outreach via social platform media. The top 3 NPC page on Facebook with highest likes are Sengkang at top spot, Punggol claiming 2nd spot and Ang Mo Kio at 3rd spot.

Working while Studying

Working while Studying

This day, finding a work, especially the matches one with someone's skill might be a tough challenge. An Education Minister of Singapore has found this program, which now is being tested at the university degree. He implemented this program after research from the Swiss and German system. This system found a match to be inserted into the curriculum of the universities, as it will boost their knowledge and start up the early training for the work ground after they graduate. This program also makes an active and positive involvement from the company and make advantages between the related side.

The university has given the opportunity to the company by letting them teach the student while they still try to reach their degree. The company will actively do the research in order to create a knowledge to be fit in perfectly with the curriculum for the students. It looks like they give the apprenticeship training system for the new apprentice, but the different is from where they started to learn. This way, a company will have a chance to produce more competent student to have an ethical culture of work later. The company can also recruit the potential and match skilled student to work for their company after they graduate. All they need to do is make an interesting job offer for the student to place them on.

When the company gets their advantages, students also have their advantages by following this program. They have been prepared early to get into the work world so they will run easily to enhance their skill for the company when the time comes. The necessary skills are being taught to them to add their potential. This way, they will not mismatch their ability versus the work field in which they will work in.

The students will learn the theory in the classroom, and implemented their knowledge in practice in the company. They will be paid too for what they worked for. This is happening to be a reality simulation of the world of work. They will peek the inside of the company to which they will be worked in, and they will adapt to it. Hopefully, they can work and get along with the company after graduate.

The university will have advantages too, to teach the students while they're still teaming up with the university will help them to have more courage and set their goal from the future graduation. They will be set properly in the work field which matches their talent and skill.

The government taking a place too for this program, as to choose which company to be selected for this program, along with the university. The Education Minister also said that this program will be matched goodly with this century where business didn't just offer the internship but taking more chance to shape it into the curriculum, together with the university.

One of the students also said that he is interested in such a program and looking forward to attending the class. He also said that it will be worth to have his education skill and the work field skill to be tailored together.

Old locations to visit

Old locations to visit

Yeah! It's time for you to explore the actual life of people in Singapore, there are many unknown places for local people to visit in Singapore. As Singapore is developing quickly, you may not be able to visit these important places in the future, only you can see the skyscrapers. So plan your journey to Singapore, Here is the guide to visit the important places.

Bukit Brown Cemetery

The Bukit Brown Cemetery is a place where nearly 1,00,000 tombs can be graved as it has 0.86 square kilometers. This cemetery was opened in the year 1922, by Singapore Municipal Council. Many Singapore's colonists were buried here. The cemetery was named after a British trader who had arrived in Singapore in 1840 and developed his business here. Along with the Singapore pioneers, many Chinese pioneers were also buried in this cemetery. Local people have made many efforts to save this cemetery from redevelopment. As the tombs belong to the pioneers of China and Singapore, one can see the China's style tombs in this cemetery. The first body in this cemetery was of She Ong Cemetery, followed by three businessmen in the year 1872. Currently , there are two shelters in the cemetery. In the developmental scheme the Land Transport Authority, planned to construct a road, with that nearly 5000 tombs will be affected. So all the locals are trying to save Bukit Brown Cemetery. Visit this site before it is disturbed. The cemetery is of 2km West to the entrance. It is the time for the local people to pay their homage to the ancestors, and let their soul rest in peace.

Kampong Lorong Buangkok

The Kampong (village) was established in the year 1956. The last surviving village on the mainland in Singapore is Kampong Lorong Buangkok. This Kampong was near Gerald Drive, this village have less than 30 families, with mixed Malaysians and Chinese. There is no proper road connectivity to this Kampong. The roads are made of dirt and wood with zinc roofs. There is a big canal in this Kampong, where the children play and fish most of the time. The residents of this Kampong have to pay a small amount, which is not more than $30 to the owner of the land. The Kampong Lorong Buangkok received water and electricity facility before Singapore independence, in the year 1963. Now a part of urbanization in Singapore, that the little Kampong is going to remodel its original shape. This is not a confirmed news, but we all hope it must a roamer. Pray to save that small Kampong from remodeling. Just spare some time to visit that village and enjoy the natural beauties.

Watch Singapore's Green, Seenery

To Watch the green scenery, just board a railway line which is of 23 km long, runs from Tanjong Pagar to Woodland. The route is surrounded by green carpets and beautiful natural sceneries. The grassroots movement is now planning to develop this grassy train line into a public place. Is it correct? Will you agree to that? Changing a green corridor is nothing but changing our lifestyle.

TreeTop Walk

TreeTop Walk has free-standing 250-metre suspension bridge known for its scenic nature views of the surrounding forest and is accessed by hiking trails. It's both beautiful and a refreshing change from the city modern life but take note, it's quite big and can be tricky to find your way around. Be prepared to get a little lost as there are a few routes to choose from. It is located in the central area of Singapore, just off Thomson Road, and is super popular among nature lovers.

Sembawang Hot Springs

A pioneer, Chinese merchant, discovered the hot springs in the year 1909. These hot springs were in the pioneer's pineapple estate in Sembawang. Here, all the three springs were combined and, thinking that all the water will be in one area. There is a well near the springs, where the locals popularly used for the healing powers. The village became popular and considered as the “ Village of Hot Water”. Many firms came forward and started mineral water plants near this site. One more obstacle this site faced is that the Japanese military acquired the site and started a thermal baths recreational center. Yeah, the gamblers have a belief that before starting the horse races if they take a bath in these springs, the luck favors them. Many plans towards the redevelopment of hot springs, but remained unmaterialized. Locals have to realize and approach the necessary authorities to save the hot springs.