GameMaki Empowers Startups

GameMaki Empowers Startups

Startups are a huge part of any country's economical growth and Singapore is no different. It prides itself on the support that it gives to its emerging talent and GameMaki is a prime example of this. Offering a blueprint for startups to follow to increase the possibility of success.

After some undeniable difficulty with investors GameMaki performed a financial U-turn, coming back from near collapse with a healthy investment of $100,000 from Crystal Horse Investments. The product that the company is most well known for so far is its social network platform. While this is still the early stages for the company it is generating enough revenue to cover the projects and campaigns it has been running, with a hope to increase this revenue in the near future.

The Startup Genome report has outlined that Singapore has an ideal amount of funding for startup companies and what is now needed is a greater level of high quality projects and entrepreneurs to take it to the next level. GameMaki is a wonderful prototype that could prove to be a source of inspiration for new startups, pushing them to up their game and step up to the challenge.

In the latest list Singapore ranks 17th in The Startup Genome's list of Top 20 startup ecosystems. This puts the country up there with London and Silicon Valley, providing the world with new and innovative creations to inspire others. There is no denying that the success of GameMaki has certainly contributed to this.

Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Singapore is a glorious mix of different cultures, traditions and festivals and everyone there enjoys joining in the various celebrations throughout the year. Deepavali is a Hindu festival in October, but in Singapore it is called the Festival of Lights.

It is held in Serangoon Road, where many of the Indian community reside and is a beautiful demonstration of good conquering evil. Expect to see many oil lamps, candles and lanterns adorning the streets. Bright colours are embraced as the streets are decorated in a vibrant and inspirational style.

There is a real sense of sharing and community during this festival. People will be offering henna tattoos, sharing foods and dancing to lively Bollywood music. This festival is celebrated across the world, but Singapore truly embraces it. As you walk along the streets of Little India you will see numerous customs, traditions and activities that you can join in with. There will be items for sale, craft exhibitions and even some workshops.

Although it is possible to sit in a nearby coffee shop and try to observe the festival from afar, you will quickly find yourself swept up in the event and dancing and singing with everyone else.

This is just one of the many cultural festivals that Singapore embraces. There are many others held throughout the year, celebrating different religions and cultures. People often choose to visit during this time of year as it offers a much more immersive experience and allows them to become integrated into the community.

Dolphins in the Marina

Dolphins in the Marina

There is something undeniably calming and fascinating about watching animals in their natural habitat and Singapore understands that, offering locals and tourists numerous Zoos, safaris and Marine Life Parks to explore and immerse themselves in. It would be a shame to miss out on what is on offer in the Wildlife sector.

The Marine Life Park is the world's largest oceanarium, offering an aquarium, waterpark and conservation site. There is a great deal to learn here as you can see over 800 different species of Marine Life. The Phillipines authorities are now set to increase this number even further as they have agreed to export Dolphins to the Marina.

The park will receive 25 Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins and employees are excited to welcome them to their new home. There are many different realms in the part for visitors to learn about, including the Shark Seas, Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea, East Africa and the Ocean Journey.

The waterpark is a welcome break for adults and children and is certainly unlike many other waterparks. It offers families the chance to swim with over 20,000 different species of fish, numerous slides and even the hydro-magnetic coaster, Riptide Rocket. This is Southeast Asia's first ride of this kind and is essentially a water rollercoaster.

The park also offers parents the ideal opportunity to teach their children about conservation and the role of Singapore in preserving the precious wildlife of the country and the world. It just about ticks all boxes for adults and children alike.

Cuisine of the Mighty

Cuisine of the Mighty

One of the most effective ways of getting to know a country is by immersing yourself into their cuisine. Singaporean food is a wonderful combination of Malaysian, Western and Indonesian traditions. There are a great many influences on the dishes, creating a fascinating array of taste sensations. This list is a compilation of five of the most popular dishes, but it is by no means exhaustive.

The first of these is the well-known Char Kway Teow. It is made up of flat rice noodles, cockles, Chinese sausage and many other ingredients. Although it is high in fat, it is also delicious and an ideal dish to savour on special occasions or to ease stress.

Stingray might not be to everyone's taste but is a common favourite in Singapore. Sambal stingray is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. This is really one for those with a more complex palate, but certainly worth a try.

Along this seafood theme is the oyster omelette. This is also one for a treat due to the high fat content, but new restaurants are making low fat versions to allow you to enjoy it guilt-free.

For those looking for a healthy diet Yong tau foo is very popular. Based around fresh vegetables it comes in many different variations for diverse tastes. You can choose anything from tofu to crab sticks in this dish.

Finally, on a sweet note you can't forget Kaya toast. This is a toast sandwich smothered in coconut custard jam. It is often enjoyed as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

There are numerous other dishes just waiting to be tried and tested. Don't assume that the best flavours will be the most expensive. Many people find that delicious food can come at any price in Singapore. As there are so many influences on Singapore cuisine there are naturally many dishes to try, so if you are looking for somewhere to start then try the above.